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12/10/2017 - Magleby Holiday Party
Sam did an awesome job! I have never hired a comedian before, but I have seen plenty, so I was worried it would not go well but Sam did such a good job, everyone loved him. Very happy with my choice. - Emily B
03/25/2017 - Thank you!
Thank you Sam for making diversity day at Options high school all about laughter. It takes skill to be able to keep 150 9th through 12th graders entertained for an hour while still giving them a message about the benefits of having diverse experiences in life that come with the willingness to embrasechange and new opportunities. Staff and students couldn't stop talking about how funny and all-around awesome you were. - Julia Lyons
12/16/2016 - Today
Outstanding job at the BI Christmas lunch today Sam. Hope to catch another show soon! - Chris Barrington
12/06/2016 - Enjoying your show in Brookings,SD
Sam just wanted to let you know that we find you to very refreshing, funny and delightful!!! Loving your act Can't wait to get yo Lowes to check our true color!! - Attende from Ag Appreciation Banquet
12/06/2016 - Rock Family Church
Thank you so much! We enjoyed your humor and stories! I am going to Sherwin Williams to check my color! : ) I hope our church was a blessing to you as well..YOU ROCK! P.S. Give our love to Guiness (LOL) - PH
11/11/2016 - Great Job
Just saw you at Mesa County Sheriff's Office year end banquet. Even with a horse voice I thought you were amazing. I am the Chaplain at the Sheriff's Office and it was really good after losing Deputy Geer this year to hear the people I love and care for laugh again. Thank you for your time and may the Lord Bless you in your travels. - Douglas Winter
07/13/2016 - Westminster Rotary
Sam, thank you for speaking to our Rotary club Wednesday morning. You were "on fire" and "lit up the room!!" I'll be looking for opportunities to see you in-person. Thanks a bunch - Doug Hall
06/11/2016 - Looking for your funny spot A to Z
I heard you speak at the Rotary Club. I've been trying to find your A to Z 3 minute spot that was brought up by another Rotarian. I've struck out. I want to watch it.evelyn.poulo@gmail.com - Evelyn Poulo
04/30/2018 - Military show
Mr. Sam Adams was an epic addition to our event. He was able to entertain a wide variety of ages and individuals from all over the country in our room that was jam-packed with 250 soldiers from all across America. He was even nice enough to stay after the event and take pictures with soldiers who were fans of his work. The best part about his humor is that it was all clean humor that made everyone laugh and enjoy the evening. Our entire program would not have been the same without having Mr. Sam Adams for our Dining in Ceremony. I couldn't believe how funny he was and how he even made multiple people laugh that we never see laugh around the office. Awesome performance! - Giovanna C.
04/19/2014 - Saw You At Soiled Dove - Lowry
Hey Sam,Saw you at the Soiled Dove - Lowry, on 04/18/2014, with Kevin Fitzgerald.I was that incredibly handsome dude who, while on my way to the Men's Room, shook your hand and told you that you were excellent. I love great stand-up and you were really really good. Thanks for a fun evening, for myself, my wife & sister. Look forward to catching more of your great material......All the best......Tom Potter / Aurora, CO - Tom Potter
03/22/2014 - thank you
You spent some time recently with Bangles and Bobbles charity for SECOR. I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing an example of your comedy. Thank you for not only assisting a great cause, but also for providing clean comedy. I am excited to book a spot to in one of your shows next time you are in Denver. - Fran
11/16/2013 - Hammer
So was it my enormous, intimidating moustache, my 6-foot 5-inch stature, or my powerfully crushing handshake that made you afraid to call WAX-GRIP to speak to reconnect with a guy who you once considered to be a fellow media colleague, "golfing buddy," and possibly an old friend?I am deeply hurt but I think, after a bowl of Cheerios and a beer, I will get over this traumatic disappointment in my life.FYI, I enjoyed your show and thought you should have been the headliner that night. - Sam
10/25/2013 - Hetzler
Hi Sam!I met you at Dads and Dudes via Carmen Swick. I hope you are well. I am interested in bringing a group to see you perform. When might you be at Comedy works again? Dawna - Dawna
06/06/2013 - Broomfield Gala
Sam - you were incredible! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves when you have a group ranging in age from 13 to 90! But you did it. You had the kids in stitches and the seniors. You relate to EVERYONE! Your day to day take on life, society and KIDS is hilarious! We can all relate. I will highly recommend you to ANY group whether it be sporting club, political organization, religious group, corporate event or just a plain ol evening of entertainment - you did NOT be disappoint. Thanks for a truly great evening! - Kelly
06/05/2013 - Comedy Works 6/12
Hi Sam!Doug and I are looking forward to your show next week! - Kelly Wherry
11/20/2012 - Just Thinking
Thank you for both of your shows that you have done for Colorado Mesa University's Pre-Law Club. The jokes about all people have their own color for their skin have stuck with me all this time. Pantone just launched a skin tone guide with 110 different shades and it reminded me of your show. Happy holidays from Colorado! - CMU Pre-Law
11/12/2012 - To your Mother......
Mrs. Adams.......please don't worry.....saw your son tonight in North Platte Nebraska. All was well and he made a room full of farmers and ranchers laugh and relax a little. :) Was a most enjoyable evening. - Gayla
09/26/2012 - CASTA Event
Hello Sam,Just wanted to sign up for your newsletter and let you know how much we enjoyed your show at our awards dinner. Thanks for the laughs...Andrea Wilson - Andrea T Wilson
09/22/2012 - The Looney Bin
caught both the shows, sat front row. you were great. i needed the laugh- please keep on telling jokes you have a gift thank you sam- I see that you are heading to NE again so maybe your nickname there can be "scrumptious"" when you are playing at "the bar" - Jeff
09/13/2012 - For SAMs mom
Just wanted you to know that your son is fine here in Wichita , Ks. - Heather
09/13/2012 - Thanks for the Smiles and Laughter
Thank you for making me smile and laugh on my first time ever at the Looney Bin. Awesome job. Your every day stories and analogies were right on point. Total hilariousness! :) - Mimi S.
06/15/2012 - Cool, clean and smart.
Cool show tonight at Comedy Works Greenwood Village. Intelligent presentation, no bad stuff and lots of fun. - Colleen
06/14/2012 - Great Job
Just wanted to say "Awesome night of laughs" at the Denver Chapter meeting on June 12th at Dave & Busters. Def will refer you out to other companies. - MA
04/23/2012 - Nice Job.
Performed a nice show at Lusks after prom. Nice job - John
04/21/2012 - Ethics
I just wanted to thank you for the laughs at DU. I bet the topic of Ethics could provide a lot of material for your act as you have a wonderful way of educating with your comedy! - Jon
04/13/2012 - You are funny
Hello Sam,I really enjoyed your clips...it's rare to hear comedians that make you laugh without using profanity....Thank you!Peace and Blessings,Tonya - Tonya Williamson
03/08/2012 - 4/28-broadmoor
FINALLY you're south of Denver.My family and I are fans since you were at Loonie's-is 4/28 open to the public? - robert posch
03/04/2012 - First Time (No Pun)
My daughter and I caught your show 2/29@ comedy works. We had a great time. keep it up. We look forward to catching more of your shows. - Kathy
01/29/2012 - The Hot Spot
Thanks for your help getting Norton, KS off the "most boring town in america" list. At least for one night anyways. Great show! - Andrew & Kaylynn
01/24/2012 - Parker,Co show
My wife and I saw your show in Parker,Co on Friday night. Our tickets were $22 but we felt like we recieved $28 in comedy value. Enclosed is an e-check for $12. Thanks for a good time! - Jay & Rose
01/22/2012 - Hearing You
Hey Sam, looking for in hearing your show soon.I only heard great things about your show.Keep up the good work. God Bless - Yvonne Carr ( Myrtice Adams)
01/15/2012 - Audience member
You look like a grown up Carlton! Very funny, thank you. - C raig
12/28/2011 - Local Radio Interview
Sam, would love to have you on as a guest on our "Mondays At 3" talk radio show in Castle Rock, CO. We're every Monday from 3-4pm. Let me know. - Greg Giesen
12/12/2011 - Thanks for coming to Sterling!
Hey Sam,This is Erin, from the Sterling Correctional Facility. I have heard nothing but great things about your show at our Staff Christmas Party on December 3rd. You were a huge hit!! Thank you so much for coming all the way to Sterling. I hope you made it to DIA on Sunday morning! - Erin Hovel
12/03/2011 - dakota dunes
awsome show last night..needed a laugh and you did great job..keep it up hope to see you again.. - jodi
11/03/2011 - Hello
Just checking to see how you are doing and looking at your show dates to see when we can catch your show again! - Judi Patterson
11/02/2011 - Alliance, NE
I laughed till I had tears with some of your stories. Thanks for givng us Alliance folks a really fun time. You have great stories, good delivery and timing and are spot on. Hope we can have you back again to our Best Hometown in America. Hello to your mom. She did a great job. City Councilman Gonzalez - Rachel Gonzalez
10/22/2011 - facebook search
My wife and i caught your show tonight. Very, very good. We really enjoyed you and the other guy, Tommy chong. Not trying to be funny, he really reminded me of Tommy in looks.Anyhow, if you have ever tried to friend the name Sam Adams, well let me say you get an entire phone book. But we found your site and really enjoyed the show.Be Blessed..... - dan
10/02/2011 - Right to Laugh
Thank you so much for entertaining all of us ladies at the Pink Flamingo event! You were awesome, thanks for everything you do!! We still want you to prove how "bad" you are at dancing!! - Leslie
10/02/2011 - Pink Flamingo
Thanks so much for reminding us how important it is to laugh. Also very brave of you to face 200 "pink" women at our annual Pink Flamingo Event. Everyone there thought you were the best! Thanks again. - Deanna
10/01/2011 - Dear Mom
Sure was awesome to have you in Douglas!! We hope you had a great time and be safe going home. ALSO... To Sam's Mom, Sam is doing well and appears to be in good health. - Cher & Cinnamon
09/27/2011 - Thank You
Appreciated your Stand-Up at the CCJA Conference, it is nice to hear a comedian that can be funny without being vile..Cosby would be proud.. - Chris Sabo
09/23/2011 - Funny who you will meet!
Hi sam...love your web site..there's some good stuff. Funny who you meet in this world! - Becky
08/30/2011 - Great Show at Company Function
Booked your act for a company function and you were Fantastic! Lots of great feedback from all of the attendees. Thank you again! I recommend booking Sam Adams for any event and will definitely catch one of his public shows! - Pam R. - H&R Block
08/20/2011 - Great Show
Caught your show in Littleton ~ really enjoyed you! We'll definitely look to catch you again! - Ellen
07/18/2011 - Love u
So i seen u at red rock on the 4th and the joke i couldnt stop lughing about was the on about bruno mars and b.o.b and the rap in and also the paint vhip one moca coca hahahahahaha.Hope i get to c u agian and little tip put more recent stuff on youtube love ur matirial hahahahah bi - Haha
07/06/2011 - Funny stuff
I saw you in red rocks and i must sayFUNNY STUFF.I was LMAO! - Likethebeer (:
06/26/2011 - Comedy Works 6/25
I had the best time at your show last night at the Comedy Works in Denver! Thanks for the CD! You are hiliarious! Snort! - Valerie B.
06/26/2011 - Comedy Works 6/25
Dude you rocked it. Thanks for getting rid of the four little pigs in the front row. it was a blast. - Richard E.
06/23/2011 - DENVER SHOW
Hey thanks for comin out to Denver last night. Your show was great. We all had an awesome time! - Ryan
06/22/2011 - Fathers Day at Comedy Works
Again, thank you for inviting us to be your guests at your Fathers' Day show. We all enjoyed it very much. You are very kind, and they did take good care of us. I forgot to tell you, I liked your shirt. - Joni
06/14/2011 - Good Show in Erie.
Your Erie Show was excellent. My daughter attended with me so I was very pleased that your comedy is not vulgar or profane. You can be funny without swearing. Same goes for the other comedian Orny Adams. No swearing. Good job. I recommended all my facebook friends attend the Saturday show. Hope some of them made it. You said your mom will read these comments so..... Mom. he did good. - Bim
06/11/2011 - Loved your show
loved your show at Jr's tonight.Hope you come back soon - ruth
06/11/2011 - YOU ROCK
Sam---what an honor it was to work with you last night! Thanks for your encouragement and for your awesome comedy! :) YOU ARE AWESOME! Hoping for a full house for ya tonight! ;) - Sarah Humes
06/10/2011 - Junior's in Erie
Sam, Last night my wife and i attended the benefit for Mary Knight Strong at Jr's. in Erie. Your show in our opinioin was much better than the headliner. We preferred your presentation and it was so pleasant to not listen to the language that so many comedians use. Your act was just as funny or more and you didn't need any language special effects. We did buy your CD. We really liked your show and will watch for your return to Erie. - Dennis
06/06/2011 - thank you
Loved your show at the Black & Blue Ball for MDA in Salt Lake City. Thanks! - kim
05/30/2011 - 5/29 at comworks
mr. adams, really appreciated your act this night best laugh i've had in awhile! your base is reality is funny!! loved it! mudflap was excellant but will follow where you are! thx mike h - mike huffman
05/20/2011 - Dawg Nation benefit
Hello Sam! Great show last night at the Comedy Works for Dawg Nation. Thank you! First time I've seen your stand up. Hysterical! Thanks again. - Mark S.
05/12/2011 - KOOL105
I am not that into sports, but I have really enjoyed your segments on Kool 105. You are very entertaining. - Annette
04/30/2011 - Thanks
I was at the Chadron Chamber of Commerce annual banquet and greatly enjoyed you. I truly believe that comedy doesn't have to be rude and crude. I cant wait to show my children you dvd. - Jeff Burwell
04/24/2011 - Fo Co show - Maintenance mania
I absolutely loved your show! i hope to see you at comedy works, keep it up! - Shane Root
04/20/2011 - Great Show!
Hey! I was lucky enough to see you at the Apartment Conference here in FoCo yesterday and just wanted to let you know my team and I really enjoyed it! - Breanne
04/19/2011 - Great Entertainment in FoCo
Hi, Sam,Thanks so much for joining us at the NoCoRHA Trade Show and Maintenance Mania in Fort Collins, CO! You did a fantastic job - perfect luncheon keynote entertainment! Enjoy being back in CO, and hope to catch you at the Comedy Works! - Jco
04/18/2011 - funny show
Thanks for performing at my school at 4 in the morning - Luis
04/13/2011 - INFORMATION
We would like to know about your services..... we are a new Bar in Parker Co. and I belive that a great idea to bring you at our Bar . It is a small bar (120 people).Apreciate if you contact to Amy Johnson to give us the quote. Please call at 720-536-8329 After 3:00 P.M.Thanks and Have a great Day - The score Bar and Grill
03/18/2011 - Vegas
I had the pleasure of seeing you perform in Las Vegas for the AACS conference. You had me in tears! I hope I can catch one of your shows in Denver! - Heather G.
03/13/2011 - Thanks so much!!!
We attended Loonees with friends last night and were delightfully surprised by the great insight and humor you shared- and you are so clean. I am convinced that you don't have to be filthy to be uproariously entertaining. I don't find comics who talk about only sex and their pathetic dating experiences to be entertaining- Life is entertaining! You are a rock star!!! Thanks again - Patty
03/12/2011 - Thanks!
My girlfriend and I were at Loonee's last night (March 11th) and laughed until we cried. What a breath of fresh air you are! Although no prude, I really enjoy someone who is talented enough to not HAVE to resort to raunchy humor to make us laugh. And the paint chips ... I'm laughing again just thinking about it!!!Thanks, Sam! - Anita
03/12/2011 - are you on facebook
Saw you at Loonee's-only problem is 21 cut off...my 19 year old would love you - robert posch
02/13/2011 - Excellent
Thank you for making the trip to Sutton, Nebraska; it was a great mid-winter treat to be there for your stand-up comedy act. Your fun performance was the topping on a well-designed evening. - Beth
02/13/2011 - Great Show
Thanks for brightening the evening at Sutton, Nebraska's cancer benefit last night. This week's coffee klatches will be a-buzzin' as those who didn't attend will learn what they missed. Super performance. - Jerry
02/13/2011 - FUNNY!!!!
You WOWed the audience at the Comedy for the Cause event in SUTTON NEBRASKA!!! My stomach hurt because I was laughing so hard! Loved it! Thanks for coming to spend time with us in Sutton Nebraska! lol Hope you enjoyed the Fox Hollow...... - Kelli
02/03/2011 - Five and Dime Show
We are now accepting video submissions for our TV show showing in the South Bend, Elkhart IN. viewing area. The show spotlights up and coming comedians and music acts. We plan to tape comedy shows at the Goshen Theater in Indiana. We are already filming live music acts for the show. If you wish to submit a video clip of your comedy act go to www.fiveanddimeshow.com Contact Us page for our address. Submissions should be in dvd form, we will not download clips online. They should be free of profanity and anything deemed obscene, although we will edit some profanity If needed. Clips should be 1 to 3 minutes in length or send full show and we will edit it down to clips. Please send contact information with video. Thank you.Submit videos to:Five and Dime Show2202 Bashor Rd.Goshen, IN. 46526 - Doug Conway
01/26/2011 - THANKS!!!
Hey, SAM,Thanks for the great show at out Echostar party, and we loved your jokes, not matter what the color! Good luck with the 21 year old, we have emancipated our 22 year old son, and miss him terribly. We love your show, and had to let you know it. Come to Cheyenne again. Clarks - Leon and Dion
01/17/2011 - My Color is...
So i'm ash grey? according to an online color wheel...i plan on going to the hardware store tomorrow. Great Show in Craig!!! Thanks for the laughs.-Courtney - Courtney
01/17/2011 - Great performance
Sam, I just wanted to say on behalf of EchoStar, we thoroughly enjoyed your performance at our holiday party, Jan 15. You really captured the Wyoming mindset. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your routine. Thanks for the extra time! - Joe Piesco, Broadcast Ops Manager
01/17/2011 - Laughed Hard
Thanks so much for the awesome show you did for the TMH Holiday Party. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Drive safe and I can't wait to see you again. Thanks - Christalin
01/17/2011 - Another Great Show
Great show in Craig, CO on 1/14! Well done! That was the second time I caught your act, first time a few years ago here in Craig for the ColoWyo Coal Company Christmas party. Will be watching for nearby shows in the future. Thanks for a great evening, you crazy carmel nut man!!! - Lance
01/17/2011 - Cheyenne
Great Job Sam. Sitting in front and you didn't think I was laughing. I was, trust me. I know you're thinking of moving to Baggs, let us know when the house warming is. - Tim
01/16/2011 - Great show!
You put ons one hell of a show last night in Cheyenne! My compliments,Your shell coral colored fan,Ian - Ian King
01/16/2011 - To Sam's Mom
I tried to make sure your son was not getting into any trouble; however, on our local newspaper, I found a couple of incidents that he might have been involved in:1. Deputies responded to a report of theft. - A brotha in Craig; anything is possible...2. Officers responded to a report of child abuse. - I know how he doesn't like other people's kids3. Officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle. - see the first incidentWe will say an extra prayer for him as he travels to Ogallala, NEP.S. I too think that Sam Adams was the driver of the bulldozer rampage on June 4, 2004 in Grandby, CO. - Keith
01/16/2011 - Hello
So, you were right; www.likethebeer.com does get me to your site. Thank you again for coming to Craig Colorado on Friday. You did a fantastic job. I would for you to come back again; then you can meet all of our children... Drive safely, and drive fast if you have to go back through Rifle.Keith - Keith Velardo
01/16/2011 - Cheyenne Wy
Great show tonite at the Little America Hotel!! It was great fun to spend time laughing and enjoying your humor! - Pam
01/15/2011 - TMH at Craig
We really enoyed your show in Craig last night. We're going to the hardware store to look at paint chips! Thanks gor a great evening. - Steve abd Leta Kernen
01/15/2011 - Great Fun!
Dear mom Adams... Your son is well and ROCKS! Thanks, Sam, for a fun night of laughs that is rare in Craig-America! - cinde
01/15/2011 - Mrs. Adams--Sam's mom
Yes. He was the caramel mocha man in Craig, Colorado last night. When we last saw him, he was fine. You should know, however, that he doesn't have a steady job and he doesn't tuck his shirt in. Thought you would want to know. Otherwise, he seemed fine. I know it's hard not to worry. - John Kinkaid
01/15/2011 - TMH Holiday Party-Holiday Inn Craighe Memorial Hospital-Craig CO
I haven't laughed so much in YEARS! So refreshing to hear really humerous dialog without the 4 letter words. My husband & I enjoyed your routine. Re: ED & advertising-what is it about 2 people in bathtubs holding hands? Where is the pill in That! Thanks again for a really original evening & all the Hospital jokes! Sam Adams ROCKS! - Lois
01/12/2011 - NOCO
when are you coming up to NoCO again, it's been a few years since I saw you the first and last time but I'm sure I could get a big crowd together if you came up this way.Susansmcdonald5358@comcast.net - Susan
01/05/2011 - Thanks !
Wow, you were at Dist 20 Liberty High School in Colorado Springs today for a motivational talk. Just awesome, I enjoyed it very much! I will check to see when you will be back in the Springs for a show and will without a doubt be there to hear more. I believe in laughter and dancing, that's what makes the world go round. Once again thanks and I really enjoyed you talk. - Pattie
01/03/2011 - Enjoyed your performance
We really enjoyed your performance Saturday night. We laughed until we cried, especially the material about your mom only knowing one guy in Colorado. I had no idea you were so polished. Youve obviously worked hard on your craft. And Im proud of you. You are proof that if your industry has died on you, you can rebuild and adjust, not moan and cry about it. - Keith
12/13/2010 - Thanks
Just wanted to thank you for coming up to Fort Collins for our little Holiday celebration at Carraba's. I thought you did a great job! Would love to catch a show down in Denver sometime. - Shelly
12/06/2010 - Hey Sam!
I've watched some of your routines through facebook and have heard some pretty great things about you from others....looking forward to seeing u live soon! Keep bringing all the smiles!Donna - Donna
11/11/2010 - Just to say hello
Hi Sam, this is Rhonda Brown from Fairview Heights Illinois. My husband Luther and I met you at your show. I just wanted to say hello and to let you know how well we enjoyed your show. You are a very talented person and it was a pleasure to met and speak with you. We have been telling our friends and family all about you. We are also looking forward to seeing you again. Stay in touch, okay. - Rhona Brown
10/24/2010 - Toooo funny
Thank you so much for the great performance in Craig CO tonight. I haven't laughed that hard in so long . . . you made me forget all my troubles. I can't wait to get to the paint store and find out what color I really am! - Kathy Bassett
10/12/2010 - CU student from your talk yesterday~
Just wanted to say hello and that I really enjoyed your talk yesterday with our class! Thanks for coming in and doing that! - Megan Farhat
10/10/2010 - Slow Down!
Awww - small towns...thanks for slowing it down, you were a delight! You are obviously in your zone, and it was such fun to have you come and shine your light and share your gift. Can I have the words to your rap? I just want to pull that on my teenagers one of these days. Pleeeze! hugs Kimmy - Kim
09/30/2010 - Comedy Works
"Thanks for a great show tonight, Sam. I'm the guy in the Kangol cap who got (a) a picture with you and (b) slain by the hardware-store-swatch-as-antidote-to-racism bit. Just so you know...you've got white...excuse me, "butter rum Yule nog" fans in Yellow Springs, Ohio." - Skip
09/26/2010 - Indy Show
Enjoyed your show last night at Morty's Comedy Club! My husband was the only other black man in the place last night...lol. So do have a Facebook account? Keep up the good work.Cheers!The Adams' - Lacey & Jerome Adams
08/10/2010 - DVD taping
Many thanks for inviting us to your show last weekend at the Comedy Works. We had a terrific time. The audience was all yours. Laugh baby, laugh! Continued success. - Fred
08/09/2010 - How to get your t-shirt
I bought a shirt at a show you performed at the Littleton Town Hall Arts Theater earlier this summer. I can't find it and would like another asap. Can you tell me how to get one? Thanks - Cheryl
07/19/2010 - What a GREAT Performance
Sam;My wife and I thoughly enjoyed your honest and clean comedy this past Friday night. I do not know when I have laughed, really laughed so hard. The dance routine and the rap songs were instance hits. You have learned from the Master and yet you have your own style. Appreciate you sending information for a private event, but will make sure I check my color chart first. - Paul & Judy Bennett
07/17/2010 - Parker show
Great show in Parker last night!! Look forward to seeing you again sometime! - Chris
07/05/2010 - Comedy Works
Great show this Friday, Sam. First time I've seen you and won't be my last. My niece is Karen Z. - Mary
07/02/2010 - Your Show
Dude just got home from seeing you at the Comedy works... You were hysterical... - A.J.
07/02/2010 - Loved the show in Kearney!
Your show was great! Really ejoyed it! And I'm not big into comedy! Still looking for my "true color!" Thanks for coming! And for "clean comedy!" - Theresa Schneider
07/02/2010 - Kearney NE
Loved your show @ Kearney NSNA conference!!!! Hope to see one of your shows again!!! Thanks for the laughs!!!!". - Chuck and Tammy
06/22/2010 - Looney Bin OKC 19 june 2010
Man i have to say you are very funny. My wife and I love comedians and see as many as possible. You are one of the best. we have seen comedians in Vegas that can't hold a candle to you. The what's your color bit is great. I want to find my color now. I too will carry it. Keep up the great work and Thankyou for being clean. It is funny to cuss but it is talent that can make someone laugh with just the material. Keep it up. and come back to OKC and see you on Comedy Central soon..... - Ken & Dee Vanduser
06/21/2010 - OKC
Saw you in Oklahoma City this weekend...really enjoyed the show. You are hilarious....loved the "what's your color" bit...I'm totally going to go find mine and use that! - Lyndi
06/20/2010 - Great show!
We also saw you at the Looney Bin in OKC and really enjoyed your show. Definitely refreshing to see someone have an excellent clean show that was very funny! We hope you enjoyed OKC as much as we enjoyed you! - Robert and Amelia Billingslea
06/20/2010 - Thanks for a great evening
Just wanted to say kudos on a great show. I was at the Loony Bin tonight and can't remember the last time I laughed so much. I should be able to avoid doctors for a long time! Top item on my to do list, go check out the paint colors....definitely want to know what color I am! - Karen
06/19/2010 - Great!
We saw you at Loony Bin in OKC last night and really enjoyed the laughter!! We were sitting at the front center table. You shook my hand and apologized for shaking your butt in my face. Anyway, we really enjoyed the fact that you directed your comedy to real comedy. Thank you for avoiding the rank material. It's nice to have a good clean laugh! We pray that your mom continues to be healthy and your son is a success!! Thanks again! - Rick & Amy Patterson
06/19/2010 - Loony Bin in OKC
My husband and I absolutely LOVED your show! You were cracking us up! You prove that you can do stand-up and make people laugh while keeping it clean! Your Bill Cosby was spot-on, too! I hope you get to come back to OKC soon! - Kristen Thomas
06/19/2010 - Friday night at Loony Bin
You were great and I enjoyed your show! - Nita Kirkes
06/04/2010 - AnthioGen Benefit
Nice work at the June 3 wine dinner at TAG Restaurant on Larimer in Denver! We enjoyed the Cosby channeling and the rap conversation with your son. It was a great show, and all for a good cause.Thanks to you, Troy Guard, and Sand Hill Wines for a memorable evening. - Howard Towt
06/03/2010 - Ogden Wiseguys Show
Saw your show in Ogden. Went to the hardware store the next day. Turns out I'm Montpelier Peach! hehe - Madisun
05/30/2010 - Ogden Wiseguys
Thanks for coming. We had an amazing time tonight. It was Klean, it was Klever, and it was Kolored. My girlfriend and I have been suffering from CRD for quite some time. We're so happy to know that there's a pill out there to help us. Keep reading the signs. - Austyn Ross
05/29/2010 - Wiseguys Ogden
Saw your show at Wiseguys tonight. You were great. :) Send me that picture when you get a chance. Thanks. - Ashley
05/29/2010 - oops
Oops, sorry about the misspelling. I swear "fro" was not a colorful observation. - Leigh
05/29/2010 - Alive in Ogden
Thanks fro making me, and more inportantly, my papaya smoothie wife laugh. Very funny stuff.Leigh- Smithfield, Utah - Leigh
05/29/2010 - Wiseguys Ogden
THIS MESSAGE IS TO SAM'S MOM. Sam is alive and well and making people laugh in the good old state of Utah ;). Sam you were hilarious! Loved the Cosby bit. Keep on keepin on. - Justin A
05/29/2010 - 5/28/2010 WISEGUYS - Ogden, UT
Hey, I just saw your show in Ogggggdennn, Utah ... you know the sound a hog makes when you kick it in the ass. Just kidding I enjoy living here even if I am the lone Obama fan in the crowd. Your show was great!Anyway .... after the show I went to the ladies room and I swear during the show someone must have slipped a Flomax into my beer. FUNNY or NOT ? Good luck with your show tomorrow night. - BBR
05/25/2010 - Morty's Comedy Joint
Enjoyed u at Morty's last Saturday night! - Renee L.
05/24/2010 - GREAT SHOW!
Sam, my husband and I saw your show in Littleton, CO last night! It was fantastic! we really enjoyed your humor and I have not laughed like that in such a long time..it was needed! Boy was it HOT in that theatre??!!! I see you are in the Littleton area several times this summer, so we hope to see you again! - Marty
05/24/2010 - Morty's Comedy Joint
Thanks for coming through Indy. The show was definitely worth it and we hope to see you again. - Anji H.
05/24/2010 - Morty's Comedy Joint
THANK YOU so much! The show was great!!! I had a good time. I also liked that the show was clean; that's very enjoyable! Thank you for sharing with me! I will give you a shameless plug on Facebook! - Stacie M.
05/10/2010 - Chamber Awards
You were great at the Chamber event. Look forward to seeing you and the Doctor in July! - Tim S.
05/08/2010 - My kids just saw you at Loonee's
Hey Sam...my daughter-in-law just called me to tell me how much they enjoyed your show tonite. They must have really been taken by you...to try to set me up w/you! She's soooo NOT a match maker, nor do I need one. It makes me laugh to even hear how much she wants us to meet. She & my son really enjoyed your show at Loonee's tonite. If I can, I'll try to make your show tomorrow nite. You can also find me on FB. Leave me a msg.Hugs, Sally - Sally Veneigh
05/02/2010 - Facebook
Hey, I'm looking for you on facebook to send you that picture from Marquette, Michigan, but I can't find you! Try to find me! (Halley Sodergren) - Halley
05/01/2010 - Turtle Creek Casino
Enjoyed your shows in Northern MI. Had to go see you twice. Thanks for the Laughs. Go Broncos - Rick G
05/01/2010 - Marquette Michigan
Glad you were here! You are funny and made me laugh. And bonus - no snow :) - Sandra
04/29/2010 - Great material the other night
Hello Sam. I enjoyed your work last week (the late Friday show) at Comedy Works. It was the first time I had gone with my wife and we will definitely be back. I actually remember you from Nugget games at Pepsi Center. Have a GREAT one and thanks for the laughs. - Mike F.
04/26/2010 - Comedy Works DTC
Great show Friday night - you should have been the headliner. The Hippy guy was good but you rocked! Nice job. - Ken
04/19/2010 - Been checking you out on utube
Your stuff is funny...MORE! - Vivienne Davis
04/19/2010 - A note from Vivienne in Mississippi
Just checking on you... I see you have a very busy schedule.I'm currently residing in rural Preston Ms. and you crossed my mind.Still your fan... Vivienne - Vivienne Davis
04/18/2010 - Broken Bow
Totally awesome show you gave in Broken Bow Nebraska. Hope the deer stayed out of your-way on the way to the big city of Sargent. My 17-year-old was thrilled about the nn hitter aka no hitter by the Rockies. - Deb
04/13/2010 - Kimball Nebraska
Dear Sam,Well, the reviews are still coming in to the Chamber office regarding your recent performance at our Annual Banquet and they are all raves about how great you were. Everyone I have talked to really enjoyed you and the type of comedy that you perform. People have said they haven't laughed that hard in a long time and also commented on seeing other people (who they didn't think had much of a sense of humor) laugh long and hard as well.I really appreciate your coming to our little town and doing such a great job. Although, having seen you in Norfolk last year, I had no doubts that you would be well received. I think based on your performance, that we can feed them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches next year and they would gladly pay even more than we charged them this year, just so they could once again enjoy your show.This was my first time organizing the Banquet and I have no idea how to top it. I am hopeful that we will be able to have you back again next year as selling tickets will be really easy. Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed your time in Kimball and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future, somewhere in Nebraska or Colorado.Rodney Horton,Executive Director - Rodney Horton
04/11/2010 - Comedy Works DTC
Had one of the greatest Bday gifts ever ... Got to see you Friday at Comedy Works! Love the "What color are you?" bit. Gonna have to go find out for myself now, lol! Hope to see a show of yours again real soon :) - Lynnette B.
04/10/2010 - Comedy Works DTC
Thanks again, Sam. We had a great time Friday night. Enjoyed all four of you guys a lot. ... For all the unhappiness and despair in the world, you have a great calling. Thanks for helping us move beyond some of those "sensitive" topics. ... I share your wish that people get past labels, colors, races, etc. ... God bless you, my friend. I hope you're rewarded for your hard work. - Steve H.
04/09/2010 - Comedy Works
Hi Sam. I saw you at the Comedy Works last night. You were awesome! f you ever want a great cup of coffee stop by my coffee shop... Carino Coffee - Smoky Hill Road & Picadilly (by Southlands). - Alina L.
04/02/2010 - Enjoyed the Kimball Show
Sam, we really enjoyed your keen, clean sense of humor. Keep up the funny stuff. - Tom Gardner
03/29/2010 - What Color Are You-From Sidney, NE
I can't wait to go to the lumber store to see what color I am! Enjoyed you as you connected with us about kids! Take Care! - Lydia
03/29/2010 - Kimball Nebraska
Thanks for coming to Kimball NE...You were awesome!!!!!! - Carla
03/27/2010 - Thanks from Kimball, NE!!!
Thanks for all the laughs!! We had a great time I haven't laughed like that in a long time! I will never look at paint samples the same way again!! Come back soon!!! - Tory Adams
03/16/2010 - Thanks for the laughs!
Sam,Saw you a Jr's in Erie, PA. Enjoyed the show very much. I'll keep an eye out for you. Next time you're back in town, I'll be sure to catch you again!Jim MarterellaErie, PA - Jim Marterella
03/07/2010 - Wiseguys
Hey Sam, We saw your show last night. It was awesome. - Lyndia
03/06/2010 - Funny
Thought your show was great. Love the comments about teenagers. We have a 17 year old who knows he knows everything. Tell you Mom you did good and that most of the people in Utah are strange but that some of us are Normal.Thanks for the show. - Wendy
03/05/2010 - thanks for the show
Sam, My family and some friends saw you last night at Nissi's and we laughed 'til we cried. Thanks so much for keeping the show clean enough to demonstrate to the teens in the audience (ours included) that the funniest comedy doesn't rely on cheap laughs from gutter humor but rather comes from a deeper and more intelligent place. Yours was a class act and we look forward to introducing more friends to your show. - Deirdre Franklin
03/04/2010 - Thanks again from Komen
Hey Sam -It was so nice to see you today!I just want to thank you personally for supporting our mission to eradicate breast cancer. Our work would not continue without generous people such as yourselves.I look forward to catching one of your shows soon and to hopefully sitting down for a beer or a cup of coffee or some kind of libation while we discuss how we can join forces for the cause. Let me know when you're in town and have some time to meet. - Kathy Matney
03/03/2010 - Anthem Ranch Event
Hi Sam: I met you last week at the Broomfield Senior Center. I will be giving your card to our Lifestyle Director today. I know she will be contacting you regarding a performance here at Anthem Ranch as we have several Cabaret nights available. I hope you can work it in with your and our busy calendars. You're great and I look forward to having everyone here at Anthem get to hear you. Keep laughing! Sherrie - Sherrie
02/22/2010 - Jrs Last Laugh
Thanks for the great show on Friday. All the girls had a great time and we really enjoyed ourselves thanks to you. - Marge
02/21/2010 - jrs last laugh
whats up sam, great show last night in erie. you were a very funny guy and very down to earth. best wishes and tons of success - doug
02/21/2010 - JRs Last Laugh
Loved your show. Going tomorrow to find out what color I am. - D.T.
02/21/2010 - Jrs
Good Show At Jrs . . . Sherman Williams says I'm more of an Impressive Ivory than White, ha-hah . . . Sounds well, ummm, more impressive! - Dan O.
02/20/2010 - Jrs
"Great show last night! Thanks for the laughs." - Samantha
02/20/2010 - Jrs
Saw you at Jr's tonight. Funny!! Funny:) - Nancy
02/19/2010 - JRs Last Laugh
Welcome to Erie! Great show last night! - Bob E.
02/19/2010 - JRs Last Laugh
Saw you in JRs last night. Great show!!!!! - Jodi
02/09/2010 - Cedar Rapids
Saw you Saturday night at Penguins . . . You were great! Enjoyed it more than the headliner that night. Also, couldn't believe you were 50! Actually told the people I was with "Ooo, look at him . . . mmm" and then when you popped out with you were 50 . . . I was like DAMN! He's twice my age! LOL . . . great show! Hope you make it back to CR soon. - Jennifer
02/08/2010 - Penguins
The Saturday early show was great, too! Come back SOON! - Jack
02/08/2010 - Johnson and Wales
I saw you at Johnson and Wales University when my daughter started there in Fall 09. Great humor! - Elizabeth
02/07/2010 - Cedar Rapids
Great show Saturday night. Thanks for the autograph and look forward to seeing you again! - April
02/06/2010 - Penguins Comedy Club
Great show Caramel Nut! Thought you were very funny! - Cindy
02/06/2010 - Penguins Comedy Club
Great show Friday night! Awesome! - Brian
02/02/2010 - You, a Comedian? That's funny!
Dude, you're doing stand-up for a living? Now that is funny! Best of luck ole pal. Break a keg! - MikeyC
01/31/2010 - COZAD White Bread USA
Was at the Chamber Banquet tonitght and enjoyed your "presentation" (for lack of a discription). Enjoyed your humor very much. So funny when you mentioned being the only black (brown) person in the community. I was watching my friend and was pleased to see him laughing. He is the adoptive parent of an awesome "black" child 9 years old. Wish you could have met him. When you come back for Valentines Day that would be awesome for Jonathan to meet you. Just ask anyone in Cozad. They all know Mike & Debbie and their generous hearts and beautiful little Jonathan. Enjoyed the evening very much. Thank you for being Cozad's friend. - Marg Ortegren
01/17/2010 - Good show
Had a good time tonight at FEW in cheyenne. Thought you were hilarious! - John
01/04/2010 - New Year's Eve
Thanks for a great end to 2009. Mike and I enjoyed your show. - Carol
01/04/2010 - Bieroc cafe
Really enjoyed the show on New Years Eve, we had a great time! - Tara
12/20/2009 - Improv
Caught your show @ Improv on Friday night. Gonna make sure I stop by Wal Mart to find my "true color". Gr8 wish wish you the best in 2010. - Felix
12/19/2009 - Denver Improv
Hello, my name is Lisa. Just wanted to tell you I loved your show tonight at the Northfield Improv. You are a very funny and handsome "cocoa mocha". - Lisa
12/18/2009 - Denver Improv
Great show caramel nut!!!! - Sarah
12/13/2009 - Thermo Party
Hi Sam! We just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed your show last night! Thanks for the laughs and good times, I don't think we'll be able to walk past the paint aisle in Walmart without laughing about our true color! Thanks again and Happy Holidays!! - Cory & Reannan
12/09/2009 - Loved it!
I just wanted to write and say that my wife and I loved your show at Southeast Christian!We still think your age is scam but why would anyone claim to be older. It's like the reverse of that kid from the Bronx that was 25, pitching for the Yankees and winning Little League Series on the side.Anyhow, we just wanted to say thanks and we pray that the Lord would bless and keep you (and find you a wife.) ;) - Jody
12/08/2009 - Funny Stop
I really enjoyed myself and Kathey also! You are really funny and I never would have thought that of you. It's good to see some OLD friends out there doing it!! I got much love for you and remember to keep it real!!!! - Marvin
12/07/2009 - Miller's / Loveland
Hey Sam,Just stopping by to say, "Great show!" It was my first comedy show and I really enjoyed it. I hope I helped with the Christmas present for your Mom. I look forward to finding my 'true color'... I'm sure it will be hilarious! And let me know if you ever need any video or audio work, or photography or web design or even screenprinting for that matter, I do it all.Told you I'd say hi!-SandyAllegiant Multimedia - Sandy
12/06/2009 - Southeast Christian Church
Thanks again for your time friday at SECC. You were great. Very funny. I heard tons of comments. All good. Thanks Sam. - Mark H.
12/06/2009 - Friday night at Southeast
Sam, you were absolutely amazing and everyone is talking about it, emailing and calling about how awesome you were! They kept asking me where I found you! FUN! Thanks for making our party the best one ever! Have a great week! - Nora
11/18/2009 - hello
just saw you at funny stop. very funny and very cute! - tanya
11/17/2009 - Back Bowl
Thanks for coming up to Eagle and blessing us with your wisdom and humor! I look forward to more of you in the future, perhaps I will make it to one of your shows in Denver. - Constance
11/15/2009 - Johnson
Heard you were in Sidney MT....have relation there...they said you rocked the house...what would it take for you to come to Bismarck ND...?????? - Twila
11/13/2009 - hey sam , kal kan here
cool site, and we will see you at the bar the 28th my friend, cant wait to see ya brother, later, Kal Kan and Peggy - kal kan
11/05/2009 - How Was Montana?
Hey -- hope you had a good trip to my home state. Look forward to seeing you again soon. - "Mo" Vaughan
10/31/2009 - Loved your laugh
Hi. You did a great job at the Mines Homecoming Luncheon. My girlfriends and I would love to see you at Comedy Works. Marla - the crazy blonde - not only has a great non-profit - but, needs someone with your personality to help take her to the next level. She needs a raise! - "MO" Lukens
10/23/2009 - Nebraska Travel and Tourism Conference
Thank you for a marvelous, entertaining performance at the Nebraska Travel Conference! I'm the gal that will be giving your name as a "suggestion" to Omaha's Funny Bone. Best Wishes! - Pam
10/22/2009 - Nebraska Travel and Tourism Conference
I recognized your name when Lora introduced you - and not because of the Sam Adams connection. My brother is Rod Stewart so we've heard every comment that can be made. Thanks for a great show at the travel conference. I really appreciate a performance that is both hilarious and has a message. Thanks again. - Carol
10/22/2009 - Enjoyed you
I saw you in Erie and enjoyed hearing about your child. You were so funny about that and should have more stories. Most of us could really relate. Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much we enjoyed your show - one of the red hat ladies. - Mary
10/08/2009 - Glenmoor
I saw you at Glenmoor last month. You were fabulous!!! - Stephanie
09/28/2009 - JRs Last Laugh
Great show, Sam! It was great meeting you! - Cara H.
09/28/2009 - JRs Last Laugh
Awesome show Saturday night. I am a forever fan. - Michelle M.
09/28/2009 - JRs Last Laugh
Great show. Will have to keep an eye out for when you are back in the area. - Robert H
09/28/2009 - JRs Last Laugh
Thanks for a great evening, Sam! - Lorraine M
09/28/2009 - JRs Last Laugh
Hey Sam - great job in Erie. Very funny. - Kevin M
09/28/2009 - JRs Last Laugh
Good show in Erie Friday night! - C Cole
09/27/2009 - Friday Night
Hi Sam's mom, I had a great time opening for your son the other night. Nothing like a full club with wall to wall laughter. - Jason Hallenbeck
09/27/2009 - erie was awesome!!!
hi from Erie PA- the show friday night was awesome!! we really enjoyed your observations and laughed our faces off! your shot glasses are on my kitchen windowsill-- waiting for Christmas-- please come to erie again!! best of luck to you!!- and thanx for taking your picture with me! :) - karen
09/27/2009 - Jr.'s
Hey there, Mr. Adams. Loved your show tonight! - Beth
09/25/2009 - JR's
Just saw your show - loved it! It was great to laugh after a stressful week at work. My friends laugh at all my paint chip samples when I do a project - you can guess my favorite bit. - Mary Cotter
09/25/2009 - Jr's Last Laugh
Caught your act at Jr's last night. Thought you were great. Hope you come back to Erie. - Gary
09/25/2009 - Erie pa!
I just saw you on WICU12 and I tried to become your first fan on facebook but my computer is giving me fits, but I did find your website!Does that count for the free tickets?!Have a great show! - Bethany Evans
07/26/2009 - Comedy Works
Hoot Owl. So hilarious. I swear I'm going to Guiry's to find out my color :-) Thank you so much for letting me and Vicki be your guests. All 4 of you guys were funnier than funny! It was so much fun. Perfect Saturday evening. Thank you. - Monica
07/26/2009 - Comedy Works
Hoot Owl, your show was off the hook!! Thanks again for the invite. Your friend, Eggshell-white . . . LOL - Chana
07/26/2009 - Comedy Works
Great job tonight. What an awesome show. Had a ball! - Tawnya
07/26/2009 - Comedy Works
Thank you, again!! Bianca & I had a great time! You were sooooooooo funny. I love your Bill Cosby! Hope to see you again. - Karen
07/17/2009 - Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
Dear Sam ... on behalf of the Board, staff, and residents of the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, thank you again for generously hosting our 15th Annual Boulder Shelter Golf Classic in May. We greatly appreciate your support for this fun and worthwhile event! This years tournament raised more than $20,000 to help support the Winter Sheltering and Transition programs, and as you know, these funds are as critical now as ever before. We are helping women and men in our community break the cycle of poverty and homelessness, and we could not do so without the kindness of people such as yourself. We were so honored to have you join us at Colorado National Golf Club on May 21st, particularly with the very full schedule you had that day. Your enthusiasm and professionalism as host were stellar, and weve received wonderful feedback from our golfers about your involvement. We were all duly impressed with your talent for holding the crowds attention during the delays with calculating the scores. Thank you so much for making our day go smoothly! - Greg, Travis and Kelli
07/17/2009 - Denver Buff Club Golf Tournament
Dear Sam,On behalf of everyone on the Board of the Denver Buff Club, I want to thank you for your very generous support of our 2009 Golf Tournament. The event was very successful and a portion of our proceeds will go toward CU athletic scholarships. You were a fabulous emcee and I hope that well have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Thank you. - D Krier
07/06/2009 - So much fun
Sam, we had such a good time at Comedy Night in Parker. We still are smiling as we recall some of the stories that you shared. We are looking forward to seeing you again. - Cynthia & Gary
07/04/2009 - To the awesome MC!
Hi! I started to talk with you during break time last night and wasn't able to finish. (We complimented you on your pink shirt!) The two friends I was with had been going to Hudson Gardens for a long time, but it's new for me. Just wanted to say how lucky Hudson Gardens is to have you. You're awesome! You help make the concerts great. Really enjoyed talking with you. Have a great 4th, Sam! - Carol Collier
07/02/2009 - Thank you
Just wanted to thank you for being a part of the Comedy Night to benefit Morgan Adams Foundation a few weeks ago! We had a great night and truly appreciate your support! Thanks so much! - Joan
06/30/2009 - Parker comedy show
Sam, It was great to meet you last weekend. My family and I really enjoyed your show. Very funny! - Becky H.
06/27/2009 - Parker Comedy Night
Great show tonight!! My mom, sister, and I all really enjoyed your show. You're hilarious and hopefully we can see you live again sometime soon! - Catie
06/24/2009 - Congratulations
I saw the blurb in the paper about your comedy success - congratulations. AND then I saw that you were doing a show at The Pinery in a couple of weeks, so we signed up. We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing you again. We were sorry about the paper closing but now you can devote more time to your comedy. See you soon. - Cynthia and Gary
06/24/2009 - CU
Mr Adams,Thank you so much for taking time to come to the CU golf function and 'introducing' Chauncey Billups. I'm the guy who (finally) bought the Billups CU jersey. I just wanted you to know I enjoyed your humor and your approach to the group. Thanks for coming out to support Mr. Billups and lead the auction. It was enjoyable. - D. Stevenson
06/23/2009 - CU Buff Club
Thank you so very much for being a part of our CU Buff Club program last night at Glenmoor. I was so glad you got to say hello again to Chauncey. Truly, the two of you made all the work put into the tournament and live/silent auctions worth it! And, making money in the process for student athlete scholarships didn't hurt, either. You are a Denver and Colorado gem. - Monica
06/22/2009 - Congrats!
Wanted to congratulate you on your most recent success! Hope things are going well for you. - Judi Patterson
06/21/2009 - Congrats
Congratulations on being a winner at the Great American Comedy Festival in the hometown of Johnny Carson - Norfolk, Nebraska. Much success to you! It's so refreshing to hear comedy that isn't off-color. - Beverly
06/19/2009 - Comedy Works
Great show at Comedy Works! - Nate W.
06/03/2009 - Awards presentation at Comedy Works
Brilliant presentation at the Small Business of the Year Awards! - Elyse
05/29/2009 - that joke i couldnt remember
ok here goes!!"How do you catch a unique tiger"?" I don't know, how do you catch a unique tiger"?"You neek up on him"!!How do you catch a tame tiger"The tame Way! i told you so corny it's funny..what did you think? - kathey eady
05/27/2009 - Boulder Shelter
Sam,Thanks so much for your time you gave us at the Boulder Shelter Golf Tournament. All of us appreciate what you did. The reviews were all terrific - very quick and extremely funny. - Chip M.
05/26/2009 - Comedy Works
I caught your show a couple of weeks ago at the Comedy Works. It was great and I hope to catch more of your shows! - T. Norton
05/25/2009 - Comedy Works
Thanx for the tix Sam! Todd and I had a blast. Very funny! Would have got a tat today if they were open. Haha. Peace. - Michael F.
05/25/2009 - Comedy Works
Thanks Sam! Great time last night . . . funny stuff! - Todd M.
05/22/2009 - great act
Sam,It was great to see you last evening at the South Metro Chamber event. It's been years since I last saw you perform in Denver. Now, I'll watch for you and tell my friends. - Janice
05/12/2009 - K-M Fundraiser
Sam, THANK YOU! Everybody I talked to loved your show! ... You were great and we would be happy to have you back. Thanks again! - Patte
05/11/2009 - School fundraiser
Sam, you totally rocked last night doing standup at our fundraiser! Someone behind me was complaining they would need surgery from laughing so hard. It was exactly what the doctor ordered! I was a proud Rocky parent! - Joanne
03/25/2009 - RMMSDC
Heard you speak today at the RMMSDC luncheon. Very entertaining. Would love to catch your act. - Tawnya
03/15/2009 - Nice job
S A! Great show. Just what I needed! Keep spreading your message - I believe in it too! - Alison
03/14/2009 - Great show!
Hope ya come back to the springs soon! - Allen
03/12/2009 - Your show in CO Spgs
Loved your show at Loonee's in Co Spgs. It's nice to beable to laugh at clean jokes and stories. Thank-you! - Faye
02/23/2009 - Thank You for your Words
Saw your show on the 21st. Absolutely hilarous, as well as intelligent. Keep steppin over that Scat, man....aparentley Jazz can get messy...lol. peace - R. Sole
02/21/2009 - cuyahoga
You were such a funny treat,the perfect entertainment for my anniversary and hey it takes a wonderful,kind man to support breast cancer your awsome! BOOBIES MAKE ME SMILE!!!! LOL - michelle
02/15/2009 - Jing
It was nice to get to hang out with you after the show at Jing, and I see you chose the funny face photo-very appropriate :) Hope to see ya again! - Rickilee
02/13/2009 - Cookin' & Jazz
Just a note of thanks for your participation in last nights Cookin & Jazz event. You did an awesome job, as usual. Thanks so much for all you did to make sure the event ran smoothly. Looking forward to working with you again soon. Have fun in Ohio with your family. - Carla
02/07/2009 - COC
You were awesome the other night - we'll leave it at that and let them all wonder! - Christy
02/07/2009 - Hi from Sheridan, Wyoming
You were hilarious! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I am going to go to Home Depot and figure out what shade I am. Pete and Tobin Korsch - Tobin Korsch
01/30/2009 - great job!
We really enjoyed your show Wed night. Thank you for entertaining our group with your wit. We look forward to seeing you perform again. - Ingrid and Jan
01/23/2009 - Keystone Kares
We really enjoyed your visit, thank you for your time and talent! - Colleen and Sy
01/22/2009 - Goodwill
Sam,Thank you so much for your performance at Goodwill's birthday party! We are so very appreciative of your time and generosity. The event truly sparkled due to your comedy and presence. Thank you again. - Breanna
01/22/2009 - Prairie Middle School
Dear Mr. Adams,Thank you for being a guest speaker at Prairie Middle School. The students loved your presentation and had a really great time with you. Thank you for all that you have done for the scouts. We really appreciate all of your hard work. - Charlotte P.
01/17/2009 - awesome
we saw you on Thursday at Loonees and had a blast. Didn't there so many different shades....looking forward to seeing you in the future again. I always enjoy going to Loonees anyway.. Tanja - tanja
01/17/2009 - Keep At It!
Sam, Just wantede to let you know us girls enjoyed your show immensely and will probably make the comedy club a continuous outing in the future. We liked your natural style and the clean humor. It's good to know their are still comedians who can make people laugh without the rude, obnoxious or excessively vulgar type of humor. - Sandy McCarthy
01/07/2009 - Java Guru
Great show last week Sam. It was definitely funny and I'm sure you enjoyed going from large stadiums to a closet-sized shop. LOL. We'll be sure to check you out at one of your bigger venues (unless you plan to use the same material. If so, please warn me. LOL). By the way, Happy Birthday. - D. Wilder
01/05/2009 - Java Guru
Sam, Great show Friday night. I am looking forward to the next one. - Brian
01/03/2009 - Java Guru
Big dog, We had a great time tonight ... you rock, my friend - Leggy
01/03/2009 - Hi from Colorado Springs
Thanks for a great show in Castle Rock. Happy Birthday! Hope to come to another show soon. - Jennifer
01/03/2009 - Thanks
Leaving a message as requested. Hi to Sam's mom:) Happy Birthday Sam, 49 is a lot better then 48, just like wine you get better with age. I love your smile. - Susan
12/24/2008 - The Bieroc Cafe
Sam, Thanks for all the laughs at the "Barack Cafe" in McCook. Your humor was quite refreshing. We had a great time. - Darren & Tyler Esch
12/20/2008 - Christmas party
Sam,Thanks for a great show. We needed some laughs after a tough year. You made our party a lot of fun. Merry Christmas. - Jeff
11/05/2008 - End Zone in Fruita, CO
Hey, we saw you in Fruita and loved you. You were awesome and we hope you come back. Thank you for making us laugh!!! - The Petersons
10/09/2008 - Thanks for the show at Bongo's
I just wanted to let you know that you were hilarious at Bongo's in Salida. You're the only guy I know that can make me smile to crowd just by pointing to me and saying, "When I used to be his age, about 14" and you put on a great show. Us Salidans are very grateful to be able to get a good laugh. I'm proud that you're the first stand up comedian I've seen live. Thanks again! - Phoenix W.
09/14/2008 - Metro Denver Partners
Hi Sam,Just a quick note to tell you how much we appreciated your MC'ing our event on Friday. You did a fantastic job! - Mary Ann
08/18/2008 - Girls night out rocked.
Hey Sam-My friends and I had a lot of fun with you and Scotty Goff on Thursday night. You are hysterical. It was a great show and exactly what I needed. Thanks for taking some pictures and chatting with us after the show. Take care.............let me know when you are going to be in Colorado Springs again. I think it is awesome how you refer to your mom as a Cancer conquerer and not a survivor. Take care.............HUGS!!!!!!!!! - Kyndra S
08/16/2008 - Loonees
Hello Sam. What a great show you put on Thursday night. I completely enjoyed it. Please tell your mom congratulations on beating breast cancer. Thats just a huge accomplishment in itself - and how very awesome of you to so openly talk about it and embrace it. You're awesome. - Melissa D.
08/16/2008 - Greetings from Colorado Springs!
We saw you for the second time yesterday and had a great time as usual. You are one of our favorite comedians since you are able to conjure up laughs without having to resort to using profanity or picking on your audience members. Your routine is original, refreshing, and exceptionally entertaining! Can't wait till you're back in town! - -Brian and Ellen
08/15/2008 - HAD A GREAT GIRL'S NIGHT OUT !!!!
Just wanted to say you were so funny . We had a great time .Your Mom would be proud ! Hi Mom !Thanks for the laughs , and i agree Scotty may have some issuse(ok several) but, he was very funny too !Great Show :) - STEPHANIE
08/15/2008 - Hi Sam's Mom :)
Just wanted to say Hi to your Mom and let you know I just caught your show in Colorado Springs. Great show! Thanks for the laughs! - Doug
08/13/2008 - Cherry
HELLO! I just wanted to let you know that I saw ur show at Laughs in ABQ, NM....Your awesome and I truly think there is a God given gift you share with people. Your funny as can be! I had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again in the future!Bianca C. 24yr oldAlbuquerque, NM - Bianca
08/11/2008 - Saw the show in Albuquerque
Hello Sam or Mom: If you read this Sam it's okay, but I really wanted your Mom to read it. Sam said that you read all of the e-mails that come in. I just wanted you both to know that I really enjoyed his show at Laughs. The headliner was OK but I really liked Sam's show the best. He is funny without being raunchy. Its really hard to have comedy like that because many people think that the words and subjects have to be vulgar in order to be funny and he is living proof that it doesn't have to be that way. He came across as a very respectful and upstanding man. We all need more people in this world that are like him. I have a son too and I know how important it is as a mother to know that you're doing a good job raising your kid(s). You did good Mom; I hope that I do as well as you are doing (I assume that it never ends). Many blessing and success to you and your family!! - Paula B.
08/09/2008 - Good Show! Albuquerque
Last night was hilarious Sam!! "Peace out" haha Albuquerque loves you man. I hope for the best for you and your show! See you next time you are in Albuquerque, and good luck on the 'right' woman hunting! - Greg Shadow
08/06/2008 - Hudson Gardens
Hi Sam. We have seen you several times at the Hudson Gardens concerts and you were better than ever at the Air Supply concert. - Bill M.
07/07/2008 - Hudson Gardens
I was in attendance at the Flash Cadillac concert at Hudson Gardens on Friday night, Independence Day. I want to tell you, the concert wasn't the highlight of my visit. The fireworks display wasn't. But it was at the end of the show, when you got everybody to sing the National Anthem. That was the thing I enjoyed the most, and I thank you very much. - Steve
07/07/2008 - ABC's
Thanks for the song lyrics.I really like it. You did a great job on the 4th and helped make a wonderful evening. Thanks. - Bob Farrell
07/04/2008 - Nylons show
Nice job at Hudson Gardens tonight. I have enjoyed your columns for several years and I am glad the Rocky is a sponsor of such a great venue. I am also now definitely going to look you up at the local comedy clubs! Have a great holiday weekend! - Deanna
06/13/2008 - Janet's Camp
On behalf of the Camp Counselors of Janet's Camp and the volunteers and staff of the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, it is my pleasure to express our sincere gratitude for being one of our emcees at the 3rd Annual Janet's Camp . . . Thanks a million! You rocked the trumpet. - Carey
06/10/2008 - Evans show May 23
Thanks again for having me at your comedy act . . . It was so much fun and my face still hurts from laughing so much . . . Congratulations on the donation amount - that is just awesome :) Best wishes! - Megan
06/09/2008 - ABC song
Hello Sam. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed that song and it really hit home with my kids . . . If you can email me (the words) I would be delighted. Thanks again. - Bryan
06/04/2008 - Hudson Gardens
Sam...my friends and I are still talking about what a great time we had at Hudson Gardens. It's so refreshing to be entertained by someone who makes us laugh hysterically instead of being embarrassed and grossed-out. Thanks for all you do for charity...you're a good man, Sam Adams! - Kathy Hatch
06/03/2008 - Hudson Gardens
I truly enjoyed your performance. - Brian
06/03/2008 - Hudson Gardens
It was a great show and you were fabulous. We will for sure come again and bring others from the family. - Judi
06/02/2008 - Jarreau/Sanborn
Dear Sam: On behalf of all of us affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, we want to thank you for your willingness to emcee the evening events for the 2008 Jack Vickers Invitational Golf Tournament. You added that special touch with your humor and kept the program flowing. Kind regards. - Pat and Steve
06/02/2008 - Hudson Gardens
Good show on Friday as always - Matt
05/31/2008 - Hudson Gardens
"Sooo fun, Hoot Owl!!" - Lori
05/29/2008 - Nissi's
Thanks Sam. It was an awesome performance! - Guy
05/28/2008 - WAY TOO FUNNY!!!
Hi Sam, I'm so excited to hear you do your THANG at Jennifer Lane's CD Release with Paris Delane this Saturday!! You had me CRACKING UP last night during our rehearsal . . . You can REALLY tell a story. Had me crying I was laughing so hard. Thanks again!Jill - Jill Watkins
05/27/2008 - Thank you!!
Just wanted to thank you for the Great Show in Bennett a few weeks ago!!! I am a friend of Andrea Lauder(teacher at Bennett) and you were just wonderful...I really needed a laugh after along week you made my day!! Thanks again!! I will def go to one of your shows again!!! - Desiree Keyworth
05/25/2008 - I thought comedians were supposed to be funny
Dear Zach, I never knew you were a comedian! Funny stuff. Shoulda had that beer huh? - Kelly
05/16/2008 - BGC
Thanks again for the fantastic job you did as the MC for the Jack Vickers Invitational. We appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of the 8,000 kids who are club members across the metro area. - Kathy
05/16/2008 - Sam is the Truth!
Only a man of sheer brilliance can embrace true stories from the lives of great people and create a "genuine experience" of gut-wrenching laughter for everyone!Sam-I think I speak for us all when I say, we thank you for reinventing a lost, yet treasured art of telling some of the funniest stories I've heard in a long time! You are what comedy should always be about...... - Sheritta

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